Death in Nostalgia City

By Mark S. Bacon

Retro mystery novel

Enjoy your Nostalgia City visit;
Most guests come home alive

Ex-cop Lyle Deming is on edge. That’s been his default setting for years, but his new job, Death in Nostalgia City 3-D Web-readydriving a cab in a theme park, promises to cure his chronic anxieties. Nostalgia City is the ultimate resort for anyone who wants to visit the past. A meticulous recreation of an entire small town from the early 1970s, it’s complete with period cars, music, clothes, hair styles, shops, restaurants, hotels–the works.

The relaxed, theme-park atmosphere is just what Lyle needs to relax and shed his reputation as a nut job.  But when  rides are sabotaged and tourists killed, the park founder, billionaire “Max” Maxwell, drafts Lyle into investigating—unofficially.   As the violence escalates and employees get rattled, Lyle gets help. Kate Sorensen, the park’s PR director–and a former college basketball player with lots of moxie–becomes another incognito investigator. But she’s 6’ 2½” and drop-dead gorgeous. So much for incognito.

Together, Lyle and Kate must unravel a conspiracy of corporate greed and murder.Order-from-Amazon-Web-optim

There isn’t an ounce of fat in this novel. Bacon’s prose is clean, crisp and lightning fast. The plot moves like a theme park ride. Death in Nostalgia City is a spectacular read (five stars out of five).”

–Brian Kaufman, author, Death Beyond the Fence; reviewer, Rabbit Hole Reviews

Barnes-and-nobel-web-optimi“Bacon handles a complicated story well, giving us realistic characters in bad trouble. By the end of the book, he ties it all up in a satisfying conclusion. Death In Nostalgia City has good characters, a fast-moving story, complicated twists, and a great climax.”

–Todd Borg, best-selling author of the Owen McKenna Tahoe mysteries series


“Bacon has created a unique theme resort and world-class mystery in Death in Nostalgia City.  Like amusement park attractions that offer immersive experiences, this novel will transport you to seemingly safe and sterile streets of another time . . . only those streets are not necessarily safe.  If action and suspense are your idea of a fun vacation, put this must-read novel on your travel itinerary.”

–Jim Hillman, author, Amusement Parks
  Director, National Amusement Park Historical Association

Black Opal Logo“The Nostalgia City theme park has it all—music, food, cars, and rides from the 1970s. Did I mention a terror campaign of deliberate sabotage, of corporate blackmail, and murder? Bacon takes us on a wild ride with former cop Lyle Deming who uncovers plenty of greedy and vengeful suspects. Take a read on a wild ride!”

–Susan Whitfield, author of The Logan Hunter Mysteries


Death in Nostalgia City is a fascinating mystery set in a highly authentic world of 60s & 70s nostalgia – and the story works compellingly on both levels. It’s an excellent read that’s loaded with iconic touchstones of ‘60s-‘70s pop culture – music, fashion, TV, movies. Death in Nostalgia City is a blast!”

–Dick Bartley – host of radio’s “The Classic Countdown” and “Rock & Roll’s Greatest Hits”



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