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Mystery short story writers quiz –

part 2

Some well-known mystery novelists were prolific short mystery story writers as well.  Here’s the second installment of the mystery writers quiz.

(Answers to part one:  1b, 2a, 3c, 4d, 5d.)

6.   Perhaps best known for plot-driven, locked-room mysteries, this American author who lived in England for many years published nine short story collections.  The author’s most famous novel may be The Hollow Man.  A search of using this author’s name yields 730 results.

a.  John Dickson Carr

b.  Tony Hillerman

c.  Elizabeth George

d.  J.B. Stanley

7.  Many of her stories and novels appeared in TV shows and mini-series.   She wrote nine short story collections;  Chief Inspector Reginald Wexford appeared in some of the short stories.

a.  Sue Grafton

b.  Ruth Rendell

c.  Patricia Cornwell

d.  Mary Higgins Clark

8.  Two of his mystery short stories were,  An Officer and a Lady and Excess Baggage.  He wrote dozens of mystery novels, novellas and short story collections.  His famous heavy-weight detective had an assistant named Archie Goodwin who did all his legwork and narrated the stories.

a. Rex Stout

b. Ross Macdonald

c. John D. MacDonald

d. Mickey Spillane

9.  This author was born in 1824 and was friend of Charles Dickens.  The author wrote novels and short stories of mystery.  One mystery short story collection is, Tales of Terror and the Supernatural.  Mystery-suspense novels included: The Woman in White and The Moonstone both published in 1860.  Some of the author’s books, including Woman in White, have been made into movies.

a.  Thomas Carlyle

b. Wilkie Collins

c.  Janet Evanovich

d.  Rhys Bowen

10.  The author of a police detective series set in Oxford, England also wrote novellas and short stories, many featuring his classical-music-loving inspector portrayed in the television series by John Thaw.

a. Caroline Graham

b. Stieg Larson

c. Robert Ludlum

d. Colin Dexter

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