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Mark S. Bacon

Not whodunit, who wrote it?  Part 2

Each question is the name of a fictional detective. Select the author who created him.  (Continued from a previous post.)  Answers next week.

6. Inspector Roderick Alleyn

a. P.D. James

b. Ngaio Marsh

c. Elizabeth George

d. Martha Grimes


7. James Qwilleran

a. Lillian Jackson Braun

b. M.C. Beaton

c. Charlotte MacLeod

d. Mignon F. Ballard


8. Matt Scudder

a. Earl Stanley Gardner

b. Lawrence Block

c. Rex Stout

d. John Dickson Carr


9. Father Brown

a. G. K. Chesterton

b. Colin Dexter

c. Rhys Bowen

d. Elizabeth Peters


10. Homer Kelly

a. Mary Higgins Clark

b. Marcia Muller

c. Jane Langton

d. Antonia Fraser

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