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Why writers do what they do


And why did I write Death in Nostalgia City?

I have heard several writers of books say they write to entertain themselves first.   It makes sense. Why would you spend months—years—of your life writing something you were not interested in? Well yes, for the money (such as it is for writers). But I think people start writing to entertain or challenge themselves. They write, in part, because they have to and they entertain themselves—and their readers.

Such is the case with me. My first books were business how-tos and I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing them. I loved the challenge and I always tried to pick fresh topics or a new way of looking at something.3-d-cover-web-optimized

Now I’m writing mysteries and I’m entertaining myself more than ever. I entertained myself writing Death in Nostalgia City. I wrote the kind of mystery/suspense story that I like to read. My favorite mysteries have these elements:

– a variety of different, quirky suspects,

– a protagonist who is struggling to make headway–in life and the case at hand–not a James Bond-perfect hero,

– a stage that is not limited to a drawing room or manor house,

– plenty of action (some violence but not excessive) to keep the story moving,

– a protracted chase with the protagonists on the run,

– humor, and

– a twisty-turny ending.

I also wanted to bring some new angles to the murder mystery. Certainly I did that, at least, through its unique setting.

Now I’m busy writing the next book in the series and Kate and Lyle are entertaining me again.

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