Nostalgia City Mysteries

Mark S. Bacon

Other side of the tracks


Here’s a 100-word flash fiction story for the holidays.

Observe social distancing and stay safe.

Other Side of the Tracks

Balancing a brimming food tray, Mario tapped on the door. A woman answered, a gaunt child clutching her stained dress. Inside, no Christmas decorations brightened the bare room.

“Delivery for 18630 West Waverly. Got three more in the truck.”

“This is East Waverly.”

Miles away, at 18630 West Waverly, Mario found a large, elegant house filled with guests and tables overflowing with food.

“Put it anywhere,” said a tipsy woman. “Maybe Harold ordered it. Way too much food.”  She shoved a $10 bill in Mario’s hand.

Twenty minutes later, Mario called his boss. “Yup, all four trays delivered. 1-8-6-3-0 Waverly.”

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