Nostalgia City Mysteries

Mark S. Bacon

Reading group / book club guide

Dark Ride Deception – Questions for discussion
  1. What motivated Lyle to tell Rey that he searched Wyrick’s condo?
  1. How does the author use the senses in his description of the theme park trade show in Florida?
  1. Many murder mysteries begin with a body in the first chapter. Why do you think the author delayed exposing the first murder?
  1. Did you figure out the identity of Sarah Needham’s boyfriend before Lyle did?
  1. How are characters in the book identified or explained by other characters?
  1. Do you recognize the songs Lyle and others listen to? What other 1970’s reminders did you pick up in scenes at the Nostalgia City theme park?

  1. Excluding Kate, how would you characterize the role of some of the women in the book?
  1. Considering what happened to the two them, was Lyle justified in involving Rod Napier in the search for Wyrick?
  1. This is fiction, but the author bases several elements in the story on actual news events. Which elements do you think are based on fact?
  1. For excitement, Lyle thinks, staking a parking lot ranks just below watching golf on TV. What was the purpose of Lyle’s parking-lot surveillance?
  1. If you could create your own theme park what would it look like?


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