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Know your nostalgia? Take this 1970s trivia quiz


Newly released Dark Ride Deception, like the previous novels in my mystery series, is based in Nostalgia City, a sprawling  theme park that recreates an entire small town from the 1970s.

This latest book travels to Florida where ex-cop Lyle Deming uses a variety of false identities to investigate other theme parks. The future of the retro Arizona park, however, remains the center of the story. And to maintain the park’s theme—and authenticity—I used  news items, songs, product names and other touchstones of the 1970s.

In that spirit, here’s a 1970s trivia quiz. You’ll find the answers to some of the questions in the pages of Dark Ride Deception.  And all the answers will appear in this blog, via email, on Wednesday,  Dec. 29.   If you’re not a follower, you can join by simply entering your email address in the box below.  (No fair looking up the answers  on Google.)

1. On July 1, 1971 the 26th amendment to the U.S. Constitution went into effect.  What did it do?
a. Lowered the voting age in federal elections to 18
b. Legalized early term-abortions
c. Lowered the federal drinking age to 18
d. Ended the Vietnam War

2. Who was the star of the 1979 post-apocalyptic action movie Mad Max?
a.  Kurt Russell
b. Jean-Claude Van Damme
c. Mel Gibson
d. Chuck Norris

3. What famous heiress was kidnapped in 1974?
a. Nancy Sinatra
b. Patty Hearst
c. Paris Hilton
d. Elizabeth Smart

4. Who became president of the U.S. when Richard Nixon resigned?
a. Ronald Reagan
b. Jimmy Carter
c. Gerald Ford
d. Bob Dole

5. Which rock group had its first hit, Heart of Glass, in 1979?
a. Jefferson Starship
c. The Bangles
d. Blondie

6. Cindy Williams and Penny Marshall were stars of what TV show?
a. Charley’s Angels
b. Mork and Mindy
c. Dallas
d. Laverne and Shirley

7. Eye of the Needle was a World War II thriller novel released in 1978.  Who was the author?
a. Frederick Forsyth
b. Ken Follett
c. John le Carré
d. Scott Turow

8. On May 4, 1970 four people died and others wounded when National Guard troops opened fire on students protesting the Vietnam War. Where did this happen?
a. The D.C. Capitol Mall
b. University of California – Berkeley
c. Kent State University
d. University of Alabama

9. The London Bridge was disassembled, transported to the U.S. and rebuilt. It was dedicated in 1971 in what US city?
a. Lake Havasu City, Ariz.
b. Laughlin, Nev.
c. New London, Conn.
d. Las Vegas, Nev.

10. In 1978 more than 900 cult members died in a mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Who was the leader of the cult?
a. Abu Alaa al-Afari
b. Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson
c. David Richard Berkowitz, also known as the Son of Sam
d. Reverend Jim Jones

11. In July of 1973 the tallest building in the world at that time was finished. It was:
a. The Space Needle, Seattle
b. The Sears Tower, Chicago
c. The World Trade Center, New York City
d. The Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

12. Which was not a fad in the 1970s?
a. Streaking
b. Tickle Me Elmo
c. Mood rings
d. CB radios

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