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Turow sees grim future for writers

In Sunday’s New York Times, best-selling author Scott Turow (Presumed Innocent) explains the predicament that many writers/authors find themselves in today.  Imported books and used ebooks, not to mention used paper books, are diminishing the income of writers as copyright protections are being eroded.

Turow thinks the Amazon plan to sell used ebooks will be ruled illegal.  I disagree, but then I’m working on my cynicism issues.

This is must reading to understand the book marketplace today.  AND stay tuned for part 3 of the used ebook saga.  In this space on Wednesday: predictions for the future of books.

Scott Turow in the NY Times

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  1. Mark Charlet

    Technology is a wonderful thing…when it benefits us. Things are changing so rapidly that there is little time to stop and really consider the impact. The convenience of Amazon is undeniable but it won’t be long before there are no brick and mortar places to peruse books. Beyond that it may not be long before there is little incentive for writers to write.


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