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Mark S. Bacon

More flash fiction

Here’s another sample from “Cops, Crooks & Other Stories in 100 Words.”  This one is not a crime story, but I think it has an element of mystery.

  Southern Duo

Hector and Barney sat overlooking a dusty Southeast country lane one lazy summer afternoon.  Soon, one of them noticed a small object.

“Hey, Barney, see that?”

“See what?”

“On the road.  Looks like a tiny lizard.”

“Ain’t no lizard,” Barney said, “It’s a insect.”

“I tell you it’s a lizard,” Hector said.  “You’re getting old.”

“No I ain’t,” he said.  And with a flap of his wings Barney swooped down, scooped up the skittering object in his beak, and landed gracefully back on the telephone wire.

“Well, was it a lizard?”

“No,” mumbled Barney the blackbird, swallowing.  “A roach. Yum.”

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