Nostalgia City Mysteries

Mark S. Bacon

Book available; tech issues solved

Mysteries and Murder could be called the “Best of Bacon’s Flash Fiction.”  It’s a collection of flash fiction crime and mystery stories made just for your smart phone.

Some recent technical glitches that made it difficult to find the book on the Ether Books website have now been solved.  To see Mysteries and Murder just go to

If you haven’t downloaded the free Ether Book app, you can do that on this site, too.

100 words on crime and cops

Here’s a piece of crime flash fiction that does not appear in any publication.  It’s new.

 Cops’ Weekend Duty

“Stake-outs,  that’s all we ever do.  And here we are on a Sunday morning, doing more stake-out duty.  It sucks.”  Steve’s shoulders sagged as he gripped the steering wheel.

“This ain’t so bad.  We had to get here early.”

“But why us?  Just ‘cuz we screwed up a little on that last case, O’Dwyer says we have to be the ones to get up so damn early this morning.”

“Quit complaining.  We stake-out these prime parking spots for our football tailgate party and the rest of the squad will be buying the beer all afternoon.”

“Yeah, when they get here.”

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