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Crime flash fiction


Dumb Criminals

Burglary detective Melody and new partner Mel strolled around a garage sale.

“We check a few serial numbers and we bust these guys,” she said.

“Would burglars sell loot at a garage sale?”

“Sure,” she whispered, “crooks are dumb. Now look around.”

Mel was glancing at a stack of 33 rpm albums when he found it.

Melody slowly moved next to him. “Find anything?”

“Sure did.”

“Me too.”

As Melody was putting cuffs on a surprised suspect, Mel held something in his hand.

“Thought you said you found something,” she said.

“I did. This rare Neil Diamond album’s only $1.29.”


Here’s an early example of flash fiction.

Early Flash Fiction


Thanks to Jim McCormick for passing this along.


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