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Mark S. Bacon

“Death in Nostalgia City” is library assn. selection


Death in Nostalgia City was recommended this month for book clubs  by the American Library Association’s Book Club Central.

The book was selected for its fresh start theme.  In Death in Nostalgia City, one of my two protagonists is ex-cop Lyle Deming. His wife divorced him then he was dismissed from the police department, in part for his erratic behavior.  Anxiety is his default setting.  Desperate  for a stress-free job that has nothing to do with consoling murder victims’ families, Lyle becomes a cab driver—in a theme park.

Nostalgia City is no ordinary theme park.  Covering several square miles in central Arizona, the park is a re-creation of an entire small town from the mid-1970s. Peace and relaxation reigns–until someone starts sabotaging rides and killing tourists.

My book was submitted  by Sisters in Crime, a national organization of suspense and mystery writers.  Yes, they do permit men to join, although as you might expect, we’re in the minority.  I belong to the Sacramento chapter.

I’ve been a guest at a few book groups that have read Death in Nostalgia City and I’m always intrigued by the questions readers ask. More about that in an upcoming post.  A book club discussion guide is available here:

Yesterday, (old news) I found out that my novel Desert Kill Switch was named the top fiction winner at the Great Southwest Book Festival.  

This is what writers call a good week.


One thought on ““Death in Nostalgia City” is library assn. selection

  1. 64mark

    Mark – Congrats on your ALA selection…AND the Great Southwest Book Festival award. Wow, a good week indeed! Keep ’em coming…great reading.

    Don Markofski, Alta Loma, California


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