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Today’s mystery flash fiction


The term flash fiction describes exceedingly short stories.  How short?  That depends on who is defining the term.   Some writers and editors put the length at 1,000 words or more while others say flash fiction is but a handful of words.  I prefer the discipline of telling a complete story in precisely 100 words.  Here’s an example:


Investigation Closed

Felix and Cheryl exchanged glances as they walked in their front door to see police officers going through cabinets, closets and drawers.

“Are you the Perkins?” asked a detective.

“Yeah,” Felix said, looking around.

“Please sit over there,” the detective said. The couple sat silently and watched.

An hour later: “We found the heroin shipment,” an officer said.

“How did you know?” Felix asked.

“We didn’t,” the detective said. “My partner wanted to quit earlier, but then we realized you didn’t say anything. Most people who come home to find the police nosing around would ask us what we’re doing.”

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