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Mystery flash fiction


Who says my crime stories are cynical?  Here’s today’s 100-word story.


Live Police Car Chase

“Station to Skycam One. You there, Jerry?”

“Roger that, Pam.”

“Where are you? You’re supposed to be over that police chase on Highway 52.
Someone said they saw you near Valley Hospital. That’s ten miles away.”

“Another car chase? Is that really important?”

“Are ratings important?”

“Hang on a sec…. Don’t touch that.”

“Are you talking to me? Who’s in the chopper with you?”

“No one.”

“Jerry, get your ass over to Highway 52.”

“What? You’re breaking up.”

Jerry glanced at the three kids from the cancer ward.

“It’s wonderful of you to take them up sightseeing,” the nurse said.


Two freebies today in Nostalgia City


This week’s installment features two giveaways—of sorts. First, I’m giving away a signed copy of Death in Nostalgia City. All you have to do is register on Here’s a link to the contest:

The deadline is midnight, Saturday, Oct. 18.

The second gift today is a 100-word flash fiction story from my ebook (available on Amazon, etc.), Cops, Crooks & Other Stories in 100 Words.

 Lionel’s New Game

 Gazing across the resort pool, nattily dressed Lionel spotted a familiar face. “Say Jake, didn’t I hear bad news about you last year?”

“No big deal. So, what con are you running in this ritzy place? You doing your old investment scheme or romancing some rich widow?”

“Alas, nothing with finesse. I’m working with a bellman. We go through rooms when guests are gone.  “Sad, huh? What do you think?”

“I think you’re going to do jail time.”

“What? Wait! I remember. You were caught!

“Yup. Red-handed. This very hotel. So I agreed–reluctantly mind you–to work for them.”

Flash fiction news

Short Mystery Fiction Society

If you’re interested in flash fiction mystery stories, crime/mystery short stories or even tales a bit longer, you ought to check out the Short Mystery Fiction Society website.  It can be a portal to enjoying some of the best short crime fiction today.

The SMFS is made up of writers and mystery fans who regularly exchange comments, via email, on all topics related to the genre.  Much of it centers on the craft of writing mysteries along with comments on recently published stories.

Each year the organization recognizes the best short mystery fiction through its Derringer Awards.  Categories include flash fiction (up to 1,000) words, short stories, long stories and novelettes.  While the winning stories are not usually posted on the site, this is a great place to find the names of talented authors you can follow.Short mystery soc

For example, last year Bill Pronzini earned the Edward D. Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement.  He’s collected numerous Edgar Award nominations and many nominations for the Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America including one for Cat’s Paw for which he won the Shamus.  He’s the author or co-author of ten short story collections.

Here are two other names you might want to follow: Allan Leverone and Nicola Kennington.   The former is a short story writer and author of five novels, the latter has a skimpy web presence, but both were nominated for Derringers this year in the flash fiction category and both of their  intense, hard-boiled (is that redundant?) stories are available online through links on the SMFS site.   Both great reads.

Flash fiction contest winners selected

The winning stories in author Vanessa Shields’ Mystery Flash Fiction Contest have been selected and the writers’ names will be posted soon.  Ms. Shields and I reviewed all the entries (I judged the stories blind, not knowing the author names), debated their relative merits (or not) and agreed on the top stories.   We hope to make this an annual contest, so spread the word.

Mysteries and Murder is top seller

Last month Mysteries and Murder, my small collection of mystery flash fiction stories, made the top ten weekly sales list with Ether Books of the UK.  M&M art  dker bk  2377 copyThanks to all who downloaded the book.   Like all the Ether books, it’s designed to be read on your smart phone.  Simply download the Ether app and you’re ready to go.


Short Mystery Fiction Society

Bill Pronzini

Derringer flash fiction winners

Vanessa Shields

Ether Books

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