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Today’s flash fiction

 Murder on the Oceanic Express

 “Unlucky for some you’re here, Hugo,” said the yacht’s captain.

“What’d you mean, old friend?”

“We’re in the middle of the ocean, you’re the world-famous detective, and here’s a body with one dozen stab wounds. But you’ll solve this for us.  I’m sure.”

“So, the deceased was CEO and the passengers on board were managers and executives at MegaCorp.  And since MegaCorp is bankrupt, the CEO indicted, and all the employees out of work, the 12 passengers make good suspects.”

The captain nodded.

“But so would someone who lost his savings–and his boat–investing in MegaCorp.”

“But Hugo, think about it.  There’s exactly 12–one dozen–MegaCorp employees on board.”

“But they didn’t invite me on the cruise.”

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