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Mark S. Bacon

Winter-like weather continues to plague the upper Midwest and other portions of the country, but it’s technically spring and even Minneapolis will have good weather soon.  Thus, here’s a (non-crime) story from Cops, Crooks & Other Stories that introduces spring in Minnesota.

Visiting an Old Friend in Minneapolis

Duncan looked for a place to park his new Lexus SUV.  Snow covered everything.  He drove to what looked like the front of the cabin.

“Walter, good to see you.”

“Come on in.  Make yourself at home.”

“Damn it’s cold. Why in hell do you live in Minnesota?  When I left Houston it was 75 degrees.”

“It’s just early March and starting to warm up.  It’ll be beautiful.  The ice on the lake is already getting thin.”

“Where is this beautiful lake you told me about?”

“Right out there.”  Walter pointed out the front window.

Duncan stared.  “Where’s my car?”

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  1. Don

    I like it! Short and (obviously) humorous. For those folks that don’t have a lot of time to read…this seems perfect!


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