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‘Desert Kill Switch’ released today


Desert Kill Switch was released today.  Now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online & Nook and soon to be available in bookstores.

Here’s an interview I did with this mystery novel website to help launch the book.  It’s all you need to know–and then some–about my new book.   To read the entire article, go to:

One thought on “‘Desert Kill Switch’ released today

  1. David Pincus

    Mark (aka Dennis to a precious few) —

    Congrats on the official launch of Desert Kill Switch — Book 2.  You’re a serialist now, and I like the sound of that.  You should rightfully proud of yourself — the creative you and the determined you. Just ordered my Kindle copy, so I’m eager to begin digging into the tumultuous lives of my ol’ friends Lyle and Kate as I bounce among several books I’m slowly but methodically pushing through.

    Very witty job responding to questions posed to you by your lead character; it almost sounds as if you might’ve written both parts — but I know that’s impossible, even for you.

    Been thinking about our earliest phone talks when we immersed ourselves in talking about the nitty-gritty of fiction writing — dialogue, pacing, character development and like that.  And here we are, all these years later, still working at it . . .

    Way to go, ol’ friend.  Couldn’t be happier for you, and a just a wee bit envious . . . David


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