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‘Desert Kill Switch’ released today


Desert Kill Switch was released today.  Now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble online & Nook and soon to be available in bookstores.

Here’s an interview I did with this mystery novel website to help launch the book.  It’s all you need to know–and then some–about my new book.   To read the entire article, go to:

AA Kboards




Introducing a new kind of theme park


If you could create your own theme park, what would it be like? Lots of rides, food, music?   How about a chance to travel back in time?

Nostalgia City, the world’s most elaborate theme park, is a detailed reproduction of an entire small town from the early 1970s. The resort is complete with period cars, clothes, music, rides, restaurants, hotels—the works. Just the place for baby boomers, or anyone who wants to visit the past.

But what happens if rides go haywire? People could be killed.

I always wanted to design my own theme park experience—and as a writer, I’ve done it. In September, Black Opal Books will publish my new mystery novel, Death in Nostalgia City. It’s an exciting ride, but watch out. Details to follow.Nostalgia City Book Cover Front Final smaller  071814 CMYK

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