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Fast-paced mystery scares, intrigues

Close Up on Murder – A Spirit Lake Mystery
Linda Townsdin
$2.99 Kindle $12.52 Trade paper
Create Space  262 pages

As an amateur detective, Britt Johansson, a Pulitzer-Prize winning press photographer, is brash, aggressive, occasionally reckless and has the patience of a toddler with ADD. “Following the rules… didn’t always work for me,” she says.

When she stumbles on a gruesome murder in her small hometown of Spirit Lake, Minn., she’s off and running in an absorbing tale that has both unsettling and heart-breaking elements. The first murder scene—not the only one—is so vivid and shocking it puts you on edge. The story then segues into a mystery Close-up-On-Murder-Web-optiinvestigation that could lead to hate crimes or systematic terror. And possibly bad news for Johansson. “I…heard the unmistakable crack of a pump action shotgun behind me.” Author Townsdin provides murderous details sufficient to shock, without bloody, slasher-style prose. A good balance.

Her characters include some typical Scandinavians (this is Minnesota, after all) a batch of scary zealots and a mixed batch of writers encamped in Spirit Lake for a seminar. Johansson’s brother’s restaurant becomes her investigation headquarters and later, her fortress. “Every customer who entered the restaurant looked like a psychopath killer to me,” Johansson says. Continue Reading →

Join me at the Truckee street fair


Truckee Thursdays summer street fair offers live music, food, craft beer, arts and crafts booths, children’s activities and… a chance to get a signed copy of Death in Nostalgia City. I will be signing books from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13, at the Bookshelf bookstore’s booth.

Donner Pass Road in Truckee - Street Fair

Donner Pass Road in Truckee – Street Fair

Any other time, visit the Bookshelf at 11429 Donner Pass Road in Truckee for a great selection of books by local and nationally known authors. Visit them at City Book Cover Front Final smaller  071814 CMYK






Mystery flash fiction story

It’s about time for another 100-word mystery story. This is a sample of the flash fiction stories that appear in Cops, Crooks & Other Stories and Mysteries and Murder. Details on both at the flash fiction tab of my website. Continue Reading →

Curing writer’s block forever


There is no such thing as writer’s block. If you believe that, as I do, you’ll never be at a loss for words. A positive mental attitude can do more for your writing than half a lifetime of writing seminars and classes.  If you think that writing a particular story, chapter, email or report will be a laborious, mentally draining task, then it will be. If the idea of a block never occurs to you, however, or if you know you can communicate in writing, chances are you will keep on writing and writing and writing.

Temporary hesitation, rather than long-term paralysis, is the more common complaint. Every once in a while you may feel you’re searching in vain for just the right words. A positive attitude will help.

–Second in a three-part series–

If you need more, here is the second set of ideas to help you keep writing. Last time I covered: 1. using mock email to loosen up, 2.explaining “the whole idea” and 3. writing the easiest part first. Continue Reading →

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